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Bring back the past with awesome running gear built to stand out and scream "life of the party". Short shorts, racerback tanks, and crazy awesome color. With us, you will become a local legend rocking the most fun gear on the market. Plus we stand behind your products with a lifetime warranty and pledge to make the vast majority of our products right here in the USA! Help us break the mold an be bold with your running apparel! 


BOA was founded in 1992 in Costa Mesa, California by Willamette University Hall of Famer, David Fleming. David Fleming set multiple records while at Willamette University and still holds the 10,000m record he set in 1980, 29:54.44. David would go on to run for Oregon Track Club after college. During this time David worked for several major athletic brands and eventually started his own sales agency. It was during this time that he met his wife, Pamela.

 During his running career David searched for the perfect split short but it simply didn’t exist. So, with Pamela’s background in garment construction, they embarked on developing the perfect split short. The process wasn’t easy; it took 22 revisions before BOA’s Elite split short was born. With the vast knowledge of the running market, they set out to market this perfect elite running short. To start such a company it takes a great amount of capital. To actualize their dream, they sold their forever home on Boa Vista Dr. Hence, the name BOA was given to the company as a constant reminder on what was sacrificed to bring this great product to the masses.

To this day, our company is family owned and operated. We love being known for our unique print designs that allow runners to stand out instead of simply blending in. We invite you to join our family and have a little fun with running apparel. 

(Photo: May 1992 Final photo before selling house to start BOA)

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