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Men's Navy 1" Elite Split Shorts




The BOA 1” Elite Short features lightweight moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and performing at the highest level. 1” inseam and high side splits offer complete range of motion, and minimalistic coverage for the elite runner. Elastic waistband and draw cord provide adjustability for your perfect fit. Sleek internal key pocket built into waistband. If performance is on your mind, look no further.

• Shell - 100% Polymicro Polyester, Lining 100% Polyester Crepe
• Lightweight moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry and cool
• Full side split for complete freedom and range of motion.
• 1” inseam for minimal coverage and top performance
• Elastic waistband with built in drawstring and key pocket
• Designed, Cut, Sewn, and Printed in the USA

FABRIC CONTENT: Shell - 100% Polymicro Polyester, Lining 100% Polyester Crepe

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Colin Ryan
Size: M
Height: 5'10" - 6'0"
Weight: 141 - 160 lbs
Great shorts

Have worn plenty of running shorts. However for the price and comfortability these are probably the best you will find.

Size: 2XL
Height: 5'7" - 5'9"
Weight: Over 221 lbs
Made In The USA! Thank You BOA!

First and foremost this is more of an Initial Impression as opposed to a Review! The next important thing to mention is I am not a runner! I’m currently 57 Years of Age, 5’7” in Height and I weigh 234 Pounds! I’ve decided I’m tired of being physically unfit and wanted to start a physical fitness routine that includes walking, running, calisthenics and weights to get my weight proportionate to my height and to get my A1C back to normal levels! For me, a part of having a good fitness routine is to have good apparel so I purchased these Men’s 1” Elite Split Shorts to assist me! The main reason I selected the BOA Brand is because they are designed and Made In The USA by a person that does distance running!

On April 07, 2022 I purchased two (2) pairs of the BOA Men’s 1” Elite Split Shorts with reluctance because the largest size is 2XL with a waist of 36”-37”. My waist size measured with a Tailors Measuring Tape is currently 42”! I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only were these shorts able to stretch enough to accommodate me they were not uncomfortably snug!

Now that I’m on my second week of wearing these two pairs of shorts for my daily fitness routines I’m confident enough in them that I purchased two more pairs on April 20, 2022 so I don’t have to wash each pair after I use them! I have been hand washing and hang drying these shorts every day without any issues! As a side note, when funds become available I will be purchasing at least two more pairs (For a total of six pairs) so I will only have to do laundry in the washing machine once a week! I’ll still hang dry them as they do dry fast!

Whether you want them for Running, Walking, Body Building, Calisthenics, Cardio, Swim Trunks, Sleep Wear or just wearing around home, do not hesitate in purchasing these shorts! They are well made with current materials! The liner is not uncomfortable and does what it’s supposed to do! I haven’t experienced any chafing or discomfort of any type! When I lose some weight I’m sure I will have to use the drawstring and eventually have to purchase smaller size shorts but until then these shorts work perfect! Thank you BOA! Did I mention that these shorts are Made In The USA?

Megan Vitale
Size: M
Height: 6'1" - 6'3"
Weight: 141 - 160 lbs

My son will only wear BOA running shorts. He loves them and probably has 10 pairs. This purchase was great just like all the rest!

Gavin Smith
Size: S
Height: 5
Weight: 100 - 120 lbs


Steven Maul
Size: L
Height: 6'1" - 6'3"
Weight: 141 - 160 lbs

1" running shorts are perfect for running, inside or outside. The split sides stay out of the way allowing easy movement. 74 grams in weight will never slip loose. I will never wear anything longer than these while exercising.

Jaclyn Morgan
Size: S
Height: 6
Weight: 141 - 160 lbs
Great shorts

The navy 1” boas are classics! Still short enough to be great running shorts, but the color keeps them classy and stylish!

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