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Our Belief

Did you know that the team at BOA is passionate about athletic apparel and the planet? We are runners who share a passion for the outdoors. Some of us are gardeners, conservationists, and sportsmen and women. We all enjoy our planet in different ways; we all share a common belief that sustainability matters.

Environmental Element

We do everything we can to manufacture products with the least environmental impact possible. This year we have made a huge improvement in our packaging. We now ship your products in our new reusable and compostable mailer. We’ve all seen the photos of collected plastics from our oceans and heard of the US’s difficulty dealing with recyclables. “The Real Dirt Bag” in which you’ve been receiving your gear can be re-used if you have a return, are mailing something to a friend, or composted back into soil. This makes for a more circular economy; the Earth’s resources are not infinite. Let’s get behind wasting less. If you’re done with your dirt bag, throw it into your compost pile or your waste company’s recyclables bin. Like the package says, “soon worms will be eating me for breakfast.”

Human Element

Many companies talk about sustainability. We are different. Our commitment goes beyond making positive improvements to become more environmentally friendly. An often forgotten aspect of sustainability is the human element. We make everything in-house here in the USA. Our workers are paid fair wages, work fair hours, and enjoy a friendly environment. No sweatshops here.

Unlike other companies who produce in overseas factories, everyone at BOA is treated like family.

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